Chondrite Meteorite


Small Chondrite meteorite specimens.


Chondrite Meteorite Specimens

These small Chondrite Meteorite specimens are found primarily in North Africa.

These are classified as ‘Common Chondrite’ meteorites, a relatively common find which is not typically considered of scientific importance.

You may notice that these meteorites are a flat brown colour. Chondrite meteorites are differentiated from other types by their chemical composition.

There are three different classifications of Chondrite, but these are class L – meaning “low iron”. They have far less Iron content than some, only 7-11% by mass. This gives them a less interesting appearance than most Iron-Nickel meteorites.

Please note, unlike most of our meteorites, you will not receive the exact specimen in the photographs.



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For further reading on these type of meteorites, have a look at the Wikipedia entry.


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