Baltic Amber Display Pieces


Our selection of nice Baltic Amber specimen pieces.

These are any pieces of Amber that are a higher grade, or significantly larger – nice stand out pieces that’d look great in a cabinet or display.

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Baltic Amber Display Pieces

Gorgeous display pieces of Baltic Amber, lovely little pieces which will suit any collection.

Our stock currently consists of:

  1. A gorgeous specimen piece of polished Baltic Amber measuring 47x26x16MM approximately. It weighs 11.4 grams and contains at least two unidentified insects. This is a fairly dark orange-brown but is relatively clear against the light.
  2. A large butterscotch and yellow piece of Baltic Amber, weighing in at approximately 55 grams. It measures around 70x60x35MM.
  3. A nice orange piece with a large mossy inclusion on one end. It weighs 11.3 grams and measures 45x27x14.5MM approximately.
  4. A lovely clear piece with a twist of butterscotch. It weighs 7.85 grams and measures 35.3x24x15.5MM approximately.
  5. A nice piece with a good honey orange colour. It weighs 12.15 grams and measures 53.5x32x16.3MM. Largely clear, with a few interesting inclusions.
  6. A large clear piece with good colour. It weighs 28.55 grams and measures 57.7x43x19MM approximately.
  7. An unusual mixed up piece with various translucent to opaque colours. It measures 27.5×27.5×27.5MM and weighs 10.75 grams approximately.
  8. A half polished piece, with a large amount of mossy inclusions. It measures 58×42.5x21MM and weighs 15.5 grams.
  9. A large piece with good colour and clarity. It has some inclusions which may be interesting when this piece has been polished. It weighs 30.65 grams and measures 80×39.5×20.5MM.


Baltic Amber comes from a few locales around the Baltic Sea, including Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

Baltic Amber is prized by collectors, whether rough or polished – and we may have either in stock. These are all one off pieces, of course.



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