Aquamarine on Smoky Quartz with Mica


An extremely interesting specimen, a large smoky Quartz point with several crystals of Aquamarine, Mica, and a coating of an Iron based mineral.

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Aquamarine on Smoky Quartz with Mica

I have never seen a specimen quite like this one before. Unfortunately, it came with a vintage collection of minerals, so there is no provenance to show where it was found or mined.

It consists of approximately half of one large Quartz point, divided roughly vertically. Inside, there are three Aquamarine crystals growing together, and a large area coated with Mica.

The outside of the point is coated with an unusual Iron based mineral, almost like a gritty red-brown clay. The Quartz itself is smoky, a light brown when a light is shone directly through it.

The outside also has two areas where Aquamarine crystals have formed, although these are less defined than the ones on the ‘inside’.

This specimen weighs 515 grams, and measures approximately 125x81x46.5MM.



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