Amethyst display specimens


Gorgeous Amethyst display specimens, from around the world.


Amethyst display specimens

Nice display pieces of Amethyst, from various places around the world. Perfectly suited for cabinet displays.

Our current stock is:

  • A large Brazilian geode fragment, measuring 170x130x80MM approximately. It weighs in around 2.5 kilograms.
  • A smaller fragment from an unknown locale, measuring 100x75x70MM approximately. It weighs around 640 grams.
  • A high quality polished fragment of Uruguayan Amethyst, measuring 130x90x75MM approximately. It weighs around 850 grams. Please note, the rear of this geode fragment has been painted and unfortunately this paint does flake off sometimes.



For more information about Amethyst, and a full list of all of our related items, please see our main ‘Amethyst’ section.

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