Amethyst Druzy with Goethite

Natural pieces of Amethyst Druzy with Goethite inclusions, typically from Brazil.

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Amethyst Druzy with Goethite Inclusions

Natural pieces of Amethyst druzy with Goethite inclusions, typically from Brazil.

These pieces are sometimes sold as having "Cacoxenite" inclusions, but this is inaccurate.

We have included some close up photos of these gorgeous golden and black inclusions.

The inclusions form in a 'spray' in most cases, thin needle like crystals that radiate outwards in a cone shape. They have broken from a geode bed, by the looks of the formation. Because these are natural specimens, they do vary in size, colours, amount of inclusions, etc.

We currently have some special stock in, including:

  • #1 - 123x77x50MM - a piece with one large cut face, which gives you a nice view of the Agate and Chalcedony that lead up to the Amethyst - which contains sprays of golden Goethite.
  • #2 - 36.5x25.6x21.4MM - a nice 'hedgehog' cluster
  • #3 - 15.3x16.7x9.9MM - a thumbnail specimen with a small amount of Goethite.
  • #4 - 29x28.5x22.2MM - a very nice specimen with plenty of bright golden Goethite.
  • #5 - 39.5x27x23.7MM - a pale lilac specimen with lots of Goethite
  • #6 - 33.5x32x25.2MM - a pale Amethyst with some dark Goethite crystals
  • #7 - 38.3x30.65x16.5MM - a piece with one cut side, and minimal Goethite.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm

15-35MM, 1pc, 35-55MM, 1pc, 55-75MM, 1pc, #1 – 123x77x50MM, #2 – 36.5×25.6×21.4MM, #3 – 15.3×16.7×9.9MM, #4 – 29×28.5×22.2MM, #5 – 39.5x27x23.7MM, #6 – 33.5x32x25.2MM, #7 – 38.3×30.65×16.5MM

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  1. Jeannina (verified owner)

    Beautiful amethyst!! well packaged, thank you!

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