Amethyst Crystal Clusters

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Small Amethyst crystal clusters, available in a few sizes and quality grades.


Amethyst Crystal Clusters

Small Amethyst crystal clusters – lovely purple crystals on various colours of a backing matrix.

This Amethyst druzy comes from a few different places, including Uruguay and Brazil. These are pretty druzy pieces, available in a few quality grades.

The B grade pieces show a nice purple but may have Quartz pieces, inclusions, or smaller crystals.

The A grade pieces, however, will have larger crystals, and stronger purple colour.

The grade AA pieces are the absolute best we sell – if they have any inclusions, they will usually have been identified and will be complementary to the beauty of the piece. These pieces have a very strong, dark purple colour.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade – but some photographs are still on their way!


For more information about the gemstone Amethyst, please see our main ‘Amethyst’ page. We do sell other sizes of druzy pieces, too.

We do also sell a wide range of other specimen pieces, too – see our mineral specimens section.

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  1. Jeannina (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my small parcel, well packaged, beautiful stone!…I am more than happy!!!!… thank you!

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