Meteorites from Argentina

Argentina seems to be quite ‘lucky’ in terms of meteorite impacts!

The most commonly sold pieces come from the Campo del Cielo fall, a huge group of iron-nickel meteorites with around 100 tonnes recovered to date.

Smaller specimens from the Campo del Cielo are very affordable and often form the basis of beginner collections.

Other notable meteorites found in Argentina include a pallasite known as ‘Esquel’, one of the most desirable pallasite meteorites on the market, and the largest Angrite meteorite ever found, referred to as “D’Orbigny”.

In the 1990s, Argentina heavily restricted the export of meteorites – plenty of material from the Campo fall was already exported and on the market – however, a more recent fall known as ‘Berduc’ is known by some collectors as ‘the forbidden meteorite’, as it fell after these restrictions. However, pieces are still available to purchase online, likely in breach of Argentinian law.

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