An interesting iron mineral with a storied past – it has been mistaken for gold by miners and panners alike throughout antiquity, hence the name ‘Fools Gold’.

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Information about Iron Pyrites / Fools Gold

Also known as “fools gold,” it is an iron sulphide that displays a metallic lustre and sometimes a pale brass-yellow hue, which gives it the apparent resemblance to gold.

It occurs frequently in the same veins as gold itself, and has confused many miners and gold panners over the years – really living up to its name. In many locations where panning is common, pieces of Fools Gold can be picked up by the rivers, discarded by panners who knew better.

It comes in strange cube formations – larger cubes are sometimes called ‘cubic’, and sold individually – the clusters are known simply as clusters.

It may sometimes replace the insides of fossilised animals, in the same way as Quartz or Calcite.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Iron Pyrites / Fools Gold

The mineral was highly prized by the native American tribes as a healing stone of magic, and may have been polished into mirrors for divination purposes.

It supposedly heightens the protective and assertive masculine energies in both men and women. It boosts women’s confidence and helps overcome tendencies toward servitude and passivity. For men, it instils a feeling of confidence in one’s masculinity and promotes male eroticism and arousal. It stimulates endocrine function and is great for combating male impotence and infertility.

It stimulates the Third Eye, or Solar Plexus chakra, the energy distribution centre and the chakra of relationships.