Pyrite Clusters

Various sized pieces of Iron Pyrites / Fools Gold, perfect for beginner collectors.

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Fools Gold / Iron Pyrite Clusters

Various sizes of Iron Pyrite clusters, typically smaller pieces for beginner collectors. I think most kids collections have at least one piece of 'fools gold'!

These are small silver or silvery-brass coloured crystalline formations, consisting of masses of very small cubic, weathered cubic and dodecahedral crystals. Typically, the smaller the piece, the smaller the crystals - the larger the piece, the larger the crystals.


Pyrite is also known as 'Fools Gold', as its shape and colour have confused miners and gold panners for centuries. Obviously, it isn't a form of Gold, but recent research has found that Iron Pyrite actually does contain gold in small amounts.

I've now started grading Pyrite by the quality of the crystals - our C grade has small, poorly defined crystals, the higher grades are better.


We do also sell some display pieces of Pyrite, with larger and better defined crystals - including some well defined cubic crystals.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm
Size and grade

Grade C – 10-20MM, Grade C – 20-30MM, Grade C – 30-40MM, Grade C – 40-50MM, Grade C – 50-60MM, Grade C – 60-70MM, Grade B – 10-20MM, Grade B – 20-30MM, Grade B – 30-40MM, Grade B – 40-50MM, Grade B – 50-60MM, Grade B – 60-70MM, Grade A – 10-20MM, Grade A – 20-30MM, Grade A – 30-40MM, Grade A – 40-50MM, Grade A – 50-60MM, Grade A – 60-70MM, Grade AA – 10-20MM, Grade AA – 20-30MM, Grade AA – 30-40MM, Grade AA – 40-50MM

1 review for Pyrite Clusters

  1. Diana (verified owner)

    A really beautiful, interesting crystal, looks amazing on my shelf

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