Wrens Nest fossils from Dudley, UK

A few interesting little specimens from the Wrens Nest nature reserve in Dudley, UK.


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Silurian-Wenlock limestone fossils from the Wrens Nest, Dudley, UK

Silurian Wenlock 'Wrens Nest fossils' from the Wrens Nest nature reserve in Dudley, UK.

The fossils found in this area are some of the best in England, in my opinion. They are limestone based, but there is constant weathering of the site, which leads to fresh specimens being revealed relatively often.

These specimens may contain brachiopods, corals, sponges, bryozoans, gastropods, bivalves, trilobites and more. Trilobites were so common during Victorian mining on the site that they became known as 'the Dudley bug'. Specimen #6 definitely contains a Trilobite head.

Please note: these specimens were not collected by us from the Wrens Nest. The Wrens Nest nature reserve is a SSSI, and should be protected for future generations. Collecting small specimens from the Nest is fine, and essential to avoid pieces weathering into nothing, but we don't believe in selling items personally collected from SSSI's. These specimens were bought from an older collection of a fossil collector.

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Wrens Nest #1 – 18x16x6CM, 1.8KG, Wrens Nest #2 – 55x50x24MM, Wrens Nest #4 – 50x40x21MM, Wrens Nest #7 – 120x110x25MM


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