Turquoise Freeform Cabochons and Parcels


Lovely freeform Turquoise cabochons, intended for jewellers!


Turquoise Cabochons (Freeforms and Parcels)

A little different to our other Turquoise cabochons page, these are a selection of freeform cabochons, and occasionally a parcel of cabochons too.

The pieces you see in the photos are the exact items you’ll receive. These cabochons are not cut to specific sizes and therefore would not be suitable for pre-made settings.

They are perfect for wire wrappers!

  1. Oval 41 x 30MM
  2. Oval 40 x 27.5MM
  3. Oval – 41.5 x 31.5MM
  4. Oval – 40.75 x 26.75MM
  5. Oval – 40 x 30.75MM
  6. Oval – 38 x 28.75MM
  7. Oval – 36.25 x 28MM
  8. Teardrop – 34.5 x 24.75MM
  9. Oval – 41 x 31.5MM
  10. Oval – 41 x 30MM
  11. Oval – 40.5 x 29MM
  12. Oval – 61.5 x 37.75MM
  13. Oval – 55.25 x 41.5MM
  14. Oval – 38 x 28.25MM
  15. Oval – 38.4 x 30MM
  16. Oval – 36.5 x 27MM


For more information about the stone, and a full list of all our Turquoise products, please see our main ‘Turquoise’ page.

We do sell a wide range of gemstones for jewellery, including more cabochons, faceted stones, and pendants – in our “Loose Stones for Jewellery” section.


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