Tumblestone Advent Calendars

Tumblestone Advent calendars, containing either 12 or 24 days of small gifts and a final larger Christmas present.


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Tumblestone Advent Calendars

As far as we know, these tumblestone advent calendars were the first products of their kind in the world!

2020 update: there are now numerous businesses offering crystal advent calendars, but I would happily put one of these up against them any day! 

We now offer calendars in premade packaging, which is unfortunately not reusable. The reason behind this is, well – time – unfortunately, it took so long to create one of our advent calendars in the past that we were making a net loss. The pre-made packaging allows us to cut down on some of the time involved in packing them.

Please note: there is currently a 3-4 day lead time on these products.

We offer two types of advent calendars; one filled with gemstones, minerals, and fossils, and one filled with tumblestones. This listing is for the mixed calendar.

There are a few different price points to help you decide what to go for - the first year there was only a single price point.

We now offer a 12 day calendar for those who can't necessarily afford or justify such an expensive item, as well as the standard advent calendar and a luxury one.

Update: 05/12/2020: the twelve day calendars come in a stocking, not a cardboard package with doors. I was not able to find a suitable cardboard package for these items.


These calendars contain small presents for the period you've chosen, and one larger present is included in the parcel too - a Christmas gift.



So, what is in our advent calendars?

Each day will contain a different tumblestone or tumblestones. Certain days may only have a single stone, some days will have more than one. This all depends on the value of the stone itself.

As you can imagine, Ametrine is far more valuable than Aventurine, and so you may get one stone in some days and more in others; this allows us to include more expensive and rarer stones 🙂


Almost all of the tumblestones on our website could potentially be included. However, there are a few items which will only be included in the luxury version.


When ordering this item, please check the date carefully – we recommend an express delivery service if there isn’t long left until December!

There is a Christmas rush every year, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Please note: there is currently a 3-4 day lead time on these products.

Get in touch via our Facebook page or our contact page if you'd like to book a specific courier or ask about delivery times.


Due to the nature of gemstones, mineral samples, tumblestones, etc - small children should be supervised if given this advent calendar and hands should be washed after handling mineral specimens. None of the stones included are toxic or poisonous unless ingested, but basic precautions never hurt.


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