Aventurine Tumblestones (Red)


Lovely red Aventurine tumblestones, available in two sizes.


Tumbled Red Aventurine

Gorgeous tumbled red Aventurine pieces, available in two different sizes – 20-30MM and 30-40MM approximately.

These are gorgeous stones that would look good in a crystal bowl or a small vase. Perhaps they’d also suit being used as fishtank or aquarium gravel.

Because of their colour, they would contrast nicely with white or black stones. Perhaps it’d be interesting to combine them with the other colours of Aventurine we sell.


We sell three different packet sizes of these stones – a single stone, a pack of five, and a packet of ten.


For more information about Aventurine, including spirituality and geological information, and a list of our related products, please see our main Aventurine page.



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