Porphyry Tumblestones


Tumbled Porphyry pieces measuring 20-30MM approximately.



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Porphyry Tumblestones

Interesting little Porphyry tumblestones, measuring around 20-30MM along their longest point.

As our supply of these unusual tumblestones is limited, we sell them singly.

Porphyry is not a stone you often find tumbled or polished at all; although it has been used for carving and artifacts throughout history.

It is most often used for things like paving nowadays – you won’t find it faceted and cabochon pieces are rare too.

As a rule, it will typically only be sold rough to mineral collectors. There’s no reason collectors wouldn’t want a polished piece too, though.



For more information about Porphyry, and a full list of all of our related products, we suggest looking at our ‘Porphyry’ page.


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