Quartz and Amethyst specimens (Spirit/Cactus)

Nice little specimen Spirit Quartz points and clusters.


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Spirit Quartz and Amethyst Point

Nice little specimen Spirit Quartz points and clusters. Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Quartz, and consists of larger points covered in smaller crystals. Sometimes the pieces are closer to Amethyst, or at least partially Amethyst.



Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 52.1x36x25.5MM, Morocco - a nice specimen with a few visible main points. It is iron stained, but not all over. I actually felt this added a level of depth to the specimen as the larger points are more devoid of iron colouration - as such I haven't soaked this in IronOut or anything similar.
  • Various pieces from South Africa
  • #6 - 45.5x39.6x31.6MM - a nice piece, but sadly from an unknown locale.
  • #7 - 47.5x28x25.5MM - a nice Amethystine piece from South Africa.


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

#1 – 52.1x36x25.5MM, Morocco, #2 – 56.1×36.4×20.9MM, South Africa, #3 – 45.7x36x35.6MM, South Africa, #4 – 41.6x25x21.3MM, South Africa, #5 – 54.7×40.2×32.7MM, South Africa, #6 – 45.5×39.6×31.6MM, unknown locale, #7 – 47.5x28x25.5MM, South Africa


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