Rutile Specimens

Interesting little Rutile crystal specimens, completely free of matrix.

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Crystalline Rutile specimens

These are gorgeous little crystal Rutile specimens from Brazil - typically, this mineral is sold included in Quartz, and sold as 'Rutilated Quartz'.

Obviously - these pieces are not Quartz encased, which does make them an interesting mineral specimen.

Our current stock consists of loose crystals of Rutile that are completely free of any matrix. They are a flat grey gunmetal type colour, as opposed to the bright gold Rutile we often see in Quartz or in Hematite.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 cm

#1 – 14.9×9.4×5.6MM, #2 – 12.8×10.9×8.3MM, #3 – 14×7.8×6.5MM, #4 – 12.1×10.5×7.3MM, #5 – 17×9.7x8MM, #6 – 15×10.9x6MM, #7 – 17.9×7.1×6.9MM, #8 – 11.6×10.1×9.1MM, #9 – 14x8x7MM, #10 – 14.4×7.5x5MM


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