Moonstone Cabochons – Round


Small round Moonstone cabochons, perfect for earrings, or as secondary stones on rings or pendants.



Round Moonstone Cabochons

Lovely oval Moonstone cabochons, intended for jewellery use – ideal for rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

We sell these in a few different sizes, from 4MM to 10MM round cabochons.

These are quite a nice quality stone, a decent white and grey colour. They have a good cats eye chatoyancy on the surface of the stone.

Because these are natural pieces, we obviously can’t guarantee the amount of chatoyancy, or the colours of the stone, etc.


Moonstone should not be confused with ‘Rainbow Moonstone’, which is closer to a form of Labradorite.

Despite the name, they are not related. You can read more about this somewhat confusing name on the Moonstone page linked below.



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