Garnet, Almandine – Rough



Rough Almandine Garnet pieces – single stones, or a kilogram bag.



Rough Almandine Garnet for Lapidary

Lovely quality pieces of rough Almandine Garnet – we sell two packet sizes – a single stone, or a 1KG bag, containing approximately 15-30 stones.

Collectors may be interested in a single stone as a display item – some of these stones do have the ‘classic’ Garnet shape.

These kilogram bags will be great for lapidarists or stone carvers – the pieces are reasonably small, measuring around 20-40MM each.

Garnet is a fairly hard gemstone – these pieces can certainly be cut and polished, though. We have cut one with a Dremel cutoff tool, and polished some using a lapidary grinder – just make sure to work them wet.

They are fairly dark stones, and not of the highest grade – you are not going to be seeing the gorgeous transparent reds of famous Garnets, unfortunately.


For more information about Garnet, please feel free to check out our Garnet page.

For more rough stones for lapidary, see our ‘Rough Rock for Lapidary‘ section.



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