Quartz, faceted (Strawberry)

A form of clear Quartz with Lepidocrocite and Hematite inclusions, often cut for jewellery use.



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Faceted 'Strawberry Quartz'

Strawberry Quartz is a bit of a contentious name. In the past, it was used to refer to a form of clear Quartz with Lepidocrocite and Hematite inclusions.

Recently, however, 'fruit Quartz' has been relatively synonymous with synthetics and glass - there are many pieces of glass with names like strawberry Quartz, cherry Quartz, etc.

These pieces are all the natural, genuine non-glass Quartz, with inclusions.


Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 12.5x9.5MM - a lovely faceted stone, clear on one side and heavily included on the other. Makes a lovely display piece even if not used in jewellery.


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