Pyrite Sun Specimens


Pyrite Suns, available in a range of sizes from 60-120MM. These pieces are from Sparta, Illinois.

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Pyrite Sun Specimens

Pyrite Sun specimens, available in a few different sizes.

All of these specimens come from Sparta, Illinois, in the United States. As far as I know, this is the only place these unique formation occur.

Most, if not all of the mines around this area have now closed. As a result, the prices of these pieces is only likely to rise.

They were formed by Pyrite forming in an underground crack inbetween shale, and radiating outwards into a rough circle.

In some cases, you may find these type of formations on a matrix stone – but our pieces do not have any matrix.

They are also entirely natural pieces, unlike the iridescent pieces which have been treated. Bleach, heat, and acid treatments may be used – but our pieces are entirely untouched other than removal from their shale matrix and a thorough cleaning.




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