Peridot Mineral Specimens


Lovely specimen pieces of green Peridot, available in two quality grades.

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Peridot Mineral Specimens

These are gorgeous green Peridot mineral specimens.

These pieces are loose, not on matrix, and are a pretty good mineral specimen! Typically, they measure between 10 and 20MM long, although this may vary slightly.


Because these are natural pieces, the amount of inclusions will differ, as will the size, shape, and colour of the piece.

Typically, the lower grade pieces are a darker green, with more inclusions and cracks. The A grade pieces are a lighter green, and tend to be decently clean – or at least have clean sections. We’re not saying these are facet grade but certain pieces may be cuttable.



For more information about Peridot, please feel free to check out our main ‘Peridot’ page.


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