Kyanite Cabochons (Blue)


Gorgeous blue Kyanite cabochons, currently available as oval and round shaped.


Blue Kyanite Cabochons

While it may seem an unusual stone for jewellery making, blue Kyanite cabochons are gorgeous and becoming more popular.

They look great with Silver and silver metals – a real modern look. I haven’t personally seen much Kyanite in Gold but honestly, blue and gold has been a classic look since Ancient Egypt. I don’t think Kyanite will look any different!

These cabochons tend to be excellent quality, and we’re confident these are the best you’ll find at this retail price. However – stocks aren’t enormous on these, and we may run out. If that happens, we will likely be forced into using more expensive stones, potentially at a lower grade.



For more information about Kyanite (of all colours), we’d recommend having a read of our Kyanite page!

We do also sell a wide range of cabochons, in different sizes, shapes, and materials.


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