Hyphalosaurus fossils from Liaoning, China

Hyphalosaurus fossils from the Yixian formation of Liaoning province, China.

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Hyphalosaurus fossils from Liaoning, China

Our very limited selection of Hyphalosaurus fossils from the Yixian Formation of Liaoning province, China.

These are not something we often carry stock in, only really when bought as part of a collection. Hyphalosaurus are now illegal to export from China except under certain conditions, so they are becoming rather difficult to get quality specimens of. It is likely we will see more fakes in future, similar to the Keichosaurus plates coming out of China.

The matrix stone from the Yixian formation is typically extremely fragile, so it is common for specimens to be repaired or to have a backing of another stronger material glued to the rear.

Our current stock includes:

#1 - 107x98x9MM approximately. A largely complete Hyphalosaurus fossil on matrix.

A piece of the matrix has broken off, measuring 89x38x8MM - next to the head of the Hyphalosaurus. However,  this matrix piece is not really integral to the piece so I have not repaired it.

The fossil itself has a fair few repairs which can hopefully be seen in the closeup photographs provided. However, it is an excellent specimen and not missing any large pieces.

The matrix is very fragile, and has been repaired numerous times, may have been stabilised and/or treated in some other way.

This piece was purchased by its original owner prior to the 2005 fossil export ban from China.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 7 cm

#1 – 107x98x9MM approximately.


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