Gryphaea specimens on matrix


Gryphaea fossils, colloquially known as a ‘Devils Toenail’.

These pieces are available in a few different sizes.


Gryphaea specimens on matrix

These are Bivalve specimens known as Gryphaea; colloquially known as the Devils Toenail.

It bears a passing resemblance to a large, twisted toenail. British folklore claims that it was believed these were created when the devil clipped his toenails.

In actuality, they were closer to oysters, a double hinged shell that has fossilised.


Our current stock consists of:

98x75x55MM specimen, found in Leicestershire.

This specimen has multiple fossils in its matrix, including gryphaea, shells, and crinoids. It could potentially benefit from some preparation work – the matrix is quite a soft looking one, sedimentary siltstone or similar.



For more information about Bivalves in general, see our main ‘Bivalve’ page.


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