Gryphaea Arcuata ‘Devils Toenail’


Gryphaea Arcuata fossils, colloquially known as a ‘Devils Toenail’. These pieces measure 40MM long approximately.



Gryphaea Arcuata ‘Devils Toenail’

These are Bivalve specimens known as Gryphaea Arcuata; colloquially known as the Devils Toenail.

It bears a passing resemblance to a large, twisted toenail. British folklore claims that it was believed these were created when the devil clipped his toenails.

In actuality, they were closer to oysters, a double hinged shell that has fossilised.

Typically they are found in quarries, gravel, and riverbeds around the UK and abroad, these are very common fossils. Because they are often mined from gravel quarries, they are often found damaged or broken in the gravel.

We sell two grades of these fossils – higher quality pieces have less matrix and marks, etc.



For more information about Bivalves in general, see our main ‘Bivalve’ page.


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