Quartz with fluid inclusions


Small Quartz specimens with fluid inclusions, often sold as ‘enhydro Quartz’.


Quartz with fluid inclusions

Rare Quartz specimens with fluid inclusions – these are commonly sold as enhydro Quartz.

What is a fluid inclusion? A small cavity filled with water or other liquid inside a stone or crystal piece. It may have a bubble or two, or some other material inside. In these pieces, the fluid inclusions are quite small, and only have a small amount of movement. Don’t imagine a large bubble moving around, unfortunately.

This is different from an enhydro specimen – which is a rock with porous walls into which water may have seeped recently. Fluid inclusions are ancient.


They have had a line in permanent marker drawn around them to help you find the inclusion. Once you’ve located the bubble you can remove this line with any solvent – nail polisher remover, strong alcohol, etc.

The best way to view these inclusions is to place the crystal directly in front of a bright light source and move it around very slowly.

While these pieces are relatively clear, they can also be quite included – cloudy too. They are also sometimes dual terminated crystals.


#1: 33 grams, 30x21x50MM approximately. This piece doesn’t actually have a bubble at all, but a small black piece, measuring around 1MM across trapped inside the fluid inclusion. Because of the small black inclusion, it is quite easy to see. There is also a nice crystal shape in this dual terminated piece.

#2: SOLD!

#3: 24 grams, 17×16.5x50MM approximately. A good sized bubble, which is quite easy to see in direct light.




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Why don’t I call these pieces ‘enhydro Quartz’? 


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