Chiastolite – polished slices

These are small polished slices of Chiastolite, generally from Hunan province, China.

Chiastolite is popular for an unusual formation of a cross running through the centre of the stone.


Polished Chiastolite slices

These are small polished pieces of Chiastolite, available in a few different sizes.

Chiastolite is a variety of Andalusite, which is prized for an unusual formation - a cross shape, usually running through the centre of the stone. The cross shape is comprised of Graphite. Obviously, wherever possible, these pieces are cut to where the cross lies naturally.

Chiastolite was prized during the 16th century by religious pilgrims returning from the Santiago de Compostela in Spain, although it was mined and collected in Asturias, both in north-western Spain. It must have been impossible at the time to believe these stones were anything other than a sign from the heavens.


Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 45x39x14MM - a nice distinct slice from Hunan province, China. This piece has been sealed with lacquer.
  • #2 - 33.5x21x11MM - an indistinct slice from Hunan, which has not been sealed.
  • #3 - 51x38x17MM - an extremely thin 'cross' in this piece. This piece has been sealed with lacquer.
  • #4 - 42.5x30x7.1MM
  • #5 - 33x22.6x5.6MM
  • #6 - 36.3x25x1x9.4MM
  • #7 - 32.2x22.1x8.3MM
  • #8 - 32X23.75x6.7MM

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

#1 – 45x39x14MM, #2 – 33.5x21x11MM, #3 – 51x38x17MM, #4 – 42.5x30x7.1MM, #5 – 33×22.6×5.6MM, #6 – 36.3x25x1x9.4MM, #7 – 32.2×22.1×8.3MM, #8 – 32X23.75×6.7MM


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