Ceramic bead mixes


Lovely little ceramic bead mixes.


Ceramic bead mixes

A selection of ceramic beads – not currently sold as a bead mix contrary to the title!

Our current stock of these is quite limited:

  • 8MM pink glazed ceramic beads
  • 8MM yellow glazed ceramic beads
  • 8MM blue glazed ceramic beads
  • 10MM blue glazed ceramic beads


A lot of these beads are from recycled jewellery, or ‘bead sweepings’ – the pieces that fall off beaders benches, or drop down in factories.

However, they are cleaned thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner, and we check for breakages too (although the odd one or two may slip through).



Not a fan of these ceramic beads? Try our ‘bead mixes’ page for more materials.


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