Agate Specimens / Rough (Blue Lace Agate)

Gorgeous Blue Lace Agate specimens, available in a few sizes.



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Blue Lace Agate specimens

Gorgeous pale blue Lace Agate specimens, available in a few sizes.

Blue Lace Agate is a lovely pale blue stone but unfortunately, it is becoming rarer and rarer!

We currently have a few unusual pieces in stock:

  • #2 - 83x56x39MM. Not too much banding on this piece, but I'm almost certain of a void inside. Unknown locale.
  • 100 gram mixed packets from Kenya, decent colour and banding - mostly pieces 40-60MM.
  • Various graded pieces from Namibia. The grading is done by areas of good colour - A grade pieces may still have an iron-stained crust but will have areas of good blue.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

#2 – 83x56x39MM, 100 gram mixed packets from Kenya, 30-40MM, Namibia, Grade A, 1pc, 40-50MM, Namibia, Grade A, 1pc, 50-60MM, Namibia, Grade A, 1pc, 60-70MM, Namibia, Grade A, 1pc, 30-40MM, Namibia, Grade B, 1pc, 40-50MM, Namibia, Grade B, 1pc, 50-60MM, Namibia, Grade B, 1pc, 60-70MM, Namibia, Grade B, 1pc, 70-80MM, Namibia, Grade B, 1pc