Agate Specimens (Blue Lace Agate)


Gorgeous Blue Lace Agate specimens, available in a few sizes.



Blue Lace Agate specimens

Gorgeous pale blue Lace Agate specimens, available in a few sizes.

Blue Lace Agate is a lovely pale blue stone but unfortunately, it is becoming rarer and rarer!

We currently have two unusual pieces in stock:

  • #1 – 106x67x43MM. Several areas with good banding – I feel like this might have a hollow void inside. Unknown locale, unfortunately.
  • #2 – 83x56x39MM. Not too much banding on this piece, but I’m almost certain of a void inside. Unknown locale.

To be honest, if these pieces don’t sell I am going to end up slabbing them with a saw to see whats inside… 😀



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