Amethyst Tumblestone with ‘fingerprint’ inclusion

A very unusual piece, this is a Amethyst Tumblestone with ‘fingerprint’ inclusion.

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Amethyst Tumblestone with 'fingerprint' inclusion

One of the weirdest little tumblestones I've ever run into.

This piece has a series of fractures and cracks in with extremely unusual 'fingerprint' inclusions. Fingerprint inclusions are quite common in Amethyst and Quartz, but are typically small enough that they require a 10x loupe to view.

In these pieces, they can clearly be seen with the naked eye, especially if the stone is backlit. Frankly, they're impossible to miss.

  • #1 - tumblestone measures approximately 33x29x23MM. This tumblestone also has an area of orange colouration, either Citrine or iron staining.
  • #2 - a nice piece measuring 36x27x23MM. Nice amount of fractures and fingerprints especially under direct light.
  • #3 - measuring 33x30x18MM. Numerous patches of inclusions, especially under direct light.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 cm

#1 – 33x29x23MM, #2 – 36x27x23MM, #3 – 33x30x18MM


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