Amethyst Point (Smoky Ametrine)

Gorgeous little smoky Amethyst points, a great mix of various minerals.


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Amethyst Point (Smoky Ametrine)

Lovely smoky Amethyst points, a great mix of colours including purple Amethyst, orange Citrine, and white Quartz. The white Quartz chevron bands contrast nicely with the dark smoky Amethyst.

These are very dark points that have almost no colour unless backlit - I've shown them with a torch shining directly through to show off the colours.

Our current stock includes:

  • #1 - 55.5x38x31MM - a very dark piece with bright purple and orange colours, as well as a band or two of white Quartz.
  • #2 - 50x43x28.2MM - a top of a point, without much of the stem. This piece does not have any white Quartz.
  • #3 - 69x55.5x48MM - a dark point that looks amazing when illuminated.


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