Mosasaur Fossils

Mosasaurs were ancient sea dwelling reptiles, which lived between 60 and 90 million years ago as one of the apex sea predators.

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Information about Mosasaur Fossils

A common but incorrect idea is that Mosasaurs were dinosaurs – they were not. They were large marine reptiles.

They lived around 60-90million years ago, before being wiped out in the K-T extinction event that killed most of the dinosaurs.

There was a massive range of sizes of this species; the smallest were around a metre long, some may have been up to seventeen metres.

We know from damage to their shells that Mosasaurs preyed on Ammonites, along with fish.

Their fossilised remains have been found in many places worldwide – Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia and New Zealand – the majority of the specimens we sell are from Morocco.

Mosasaur was featured in the recent movie ‘Jurassic World’ – a large water creature that was shown several times throughout the film.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Mosasaur Fossils

These fossils are not typically used for crystal healing. Some people believe that fossils are used in bone health and healing, but typically this refers to all fossils, not specifically those from the Mosasaur. Ultimately, if you feel a connection to a piece, it may prove useful for you.