The fossilised remains of ancient sea creatures – these tend to be around 250 to 500 million years old, although some species are even older.

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Information about Brachiopod Fossils

These fossils are ancient sea creatures, similar to molluscs – they had a two part shell with a ‘hinge’ at the back.

They had an extremely long history of life – around 550 million years, and as such, have left massive imprints on the fossil record. They were especially prolific during the Palaeozoic era, around 250 to 550 million years ago, and it is from this era that most of the fossils are found.

Modern Brachiopods do exist, and look remarkably similar to their fossilised cousins – they live around the world, especially near Antarctica.

Some have shells in the shape of wings, and these are particularly coveted by collectors.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Brachiopod Fossils

These fossils are not typically used in crystal healing, but as fossils, they should bestow any beliefs that the holder places in fossils.

Some modern Brachiopods are boiled and used as medicine in China – whether these creatures have any actual medicinal uses is unclear.