Vanadinite Crystals

Small Vanadinite crystal specimens from Morocco.


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Vanadinite Crystals

Vanadinite crystals are lovely little red mineral specimens, that have come away naturally, or been removed from their host rock / matrix.

We do sell Vanadinite pieces on matrix, too - but these are a low priced alternative to a very fragile stone. The crystals typically measure around 10MM across, but of course, this can vary a few MM either way.

These pieces all come from various locales in Morocco.

Vanadinite is an ore of Vanadium and a minor ore of Lead, and should be considered toxic. A specimen on the shelf isn't going to cause any harm, but it should be kept out of reach of children and pets who may ingest it, and it should not be ground or cut except by an experienced lapidary due to the dust.


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