Tigers Eye Cabochons (Variegated)

Variegated Tigers Eye cabochons for jewellery making – a lovely mixture of gold and blue colours.


Variegated Tigers Eye Cabochons for jewellery making

Perhaps a new term to some of you - and honestly, I'm not sure if there is already a term for Tigers Eye of two colours.

The term 'variegated' is used in botany to refer to a plant with plants with leaves of multiple colours - in this case, I'm using it to refer to Tigers Eye with multiple colours.

Probably not the right name! You could also just call them mixed Tigers Eye, I guess!

These cabochons specifically have mixed colours of blue and gold. Different colours of Tigers Eye are not uncommon - gold, red, and blue are all reasonably commonplace. These provide a nice mixture between the gold and blue.

We sometimes have calibrated pieces, but currently are stocking parcels and freeform cabochons too.

Currently we stock:

  • Parcels of five mixed cabochons, measuring 15-35MM approximately. Random shapes and sizes, mixture of blue and gold colours on the same stones.
  • Freeform cabochons in various shapes and sizes - ovals and teardrops are the most common.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 cm
Size and Shape

12x10MM Oval, 5 mixed cabochons (15-35MM), #1 – 44.7×26.3MM, #2 – 39.5×27.6MM, #3 – 35.7×21.4MM, #4 – 37.8×24.8MM, #5 – 30.9×19.3MM, #6 – 36.2x22MM, #7 – 38.6×20.9MM, #8 – 32.4×20.8MM, #9 – 38×22.6MM, #10 – 38.9×24.6MM, #11 – 33.9×22.1MM, #12 – 28.1×16.2MM


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