Fluorite Palmstones (Smoky)

Smoky Fluorite Palmstones, measuring between 30-50MM approximately.


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Smoky Fluorite Palmstones - 30-50MM approx

Small Smoky Fluorite palmstones, measuring between 30-50MM approximately.

Smoky Fluorite is not an especially common stone. It looks like smoky Quartz with a hint of Fluorites green or purple. I guess it is to Fluorite as Smoky Quartz is to clear Quartz.

Each piece of this stone is different - some may have banding, akin to 'rainbow' Fluorite. However, some may not - like the palmstone pictured above. They may have a hint of green or a hint of purple, or maybe another colour common to Fluorite.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!


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