Obsidian (Black) – Rough


Packets of rough pieces of Black Obsidian. Our larger 1KG packets typically contain around 10-15 pieces of Obsidian.


Rough Black Obsidian

Specimen pieces of rough Black Obsidian, otherwise known as ‘volcanic glass’, available in two packet sizes.

We see a single piece of the volcanic glass, and a 1KG packet. The single pieces are perfect for mineral collectors.


Our 1KG packets typically contain around 10-15 pieces of Obsidian, although in some cases, it can be only two or three, and sometimes 20-30!

These larger packets are ideal for lapidary usage, but please – be aware of the risks. Obsidian is a type of glass and extra precautions should be taken when cutting or forming it. The dust can be especially dangerous.



For more information about Black Obsidian, and a full list of all of our related products, we suggest looking at our ‘Black Obsidian’ page.


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