Tigers Eye Palmstones (Red)


Small Red Tigers Eye palmstones, measuring between 30-50MM approximately.


Red Tigers Eye Palmstones – 30-50MM approx

Small red Tigers Eye palmstones, measuring between 30-50MM approximately. The shapes, sizes and thicknesses of these pieces can vary quite a bit.

These are typically a very good grade of the stone with chatoyance covering most if not all of the stone. We’ve recently had a price increase on these pieces, purely because we’ve bought some much higher grade stones.

The red in this stone is caused by oxidation – the Iron content of the stone causes this interesting red colour. Typically this occurs as Golden Tigers Eye is exposed to heat. This is usually either by volcanic activity, lightning, or by a lab process – man made alteration.


For more information about Red Tigers Eye and a full list of all of our related products, please see our main ‘Red Tigers Eye’ section.

We do also sell a pretty wide range of other palmstones, in various materials – gemstone, mineral and semi-precious.


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