Goldstone Palmstones (Red)


Gorgeous Red Goldstone palmstones, measuring 50MM long, approximately.

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Red Goldstone Palm Stones

These are a beautiful grade of Red Goldstone, and have that lovely shimmer we all know, like a beautiful sandy desert.

These are approximately 5CM long by 3-4CM wide, and around 4MM thick. While they are intended for use as palmstones, they are attractive enough to make a nice addition to any collection, whether or not you believe in crystal healing.

Like tumblestones, they look amazing when stored in a small glass bowl or vase. They would look great used as aquarium pebbles, or decorations for plant pots, etc.


Goldstone is not a true gemstone, and is a man made glass, made by trapping flecks of cobalt, copper or manganese inside the glass.


We sell a range of Red Goldstone products, including tumblestones and carved products.


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