Neuropteris Fossil Fern Nodules from Wigan, UK


Fossilised Neuropteris ferns on a stone backing matrix, available in a range of sizes.


Fern Fossils – Neuropteris Fossil Fern Nodules

Fossilised ferns known as Neuropteris, on a stone matrix.

These ferns date from the upper Carboniferous, and are found in the Crock Hay open cast mine, near Wigan, UK.

They come as positive and negative parts of a single nodule – a stone has been cracked in half and the fossil is in the middle.


Currently, we have two of these nodules in stock –

#1 – 40x37x20MM approximately. This is a bit of a lower grade specimen with no well-defined fern fossils.

#2 – 45x37x34MM approximately. This is a nice specimen with a single well defined fossil inclusion.


For more information about fossilised ferns and plants, see our main ‘Fossil Plants’ section.


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