Kauri Gum Specimens from New Zealand (Copal)


Our selection of gorgeous New Zealand Kauri gum.



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Kauri Gum Specimens from New Zealand

Kauri Gum is an interesting form of Copal exclusively found in New Zealand.

Throughout much of the 18th and 19th centuries, it was exploited as an ingredient in wood varnish. Unfortunately, this means it is now quite rare – most of the surface pieces have already been collected, and specimens have to be dug from deeper and deeper in the ground.

It is becoming quite expensive, so we’ve been quite lucky to get some larger pieces at a decent price.

Kauri gum was prized by the Maori, who carved it into decorative objects or used it as a flammable substance for torch making.  One of my absolute favourite things about this material was shown to me by an old lapidary carver in New Zealand, somewhere around Rotorua – when you rub a Kauri gum specimen with your thumbs… give them a smell, you’ll smell a pine scent.

Please note: Kauri gum can be extremely fragile depending on the specimen, and it can fade in direct sunlight too. Take care not to drop it!

Our current stock includes:

  • #1 – 116 grams, measuring approximately 84x65x45MM, a rich golden brown coloured piece that is quite clear. Would look amazing on an LED stand.
  • #2 – 90 grams, measuring approximately 73x57x44MM.
  • Mixed specimens in various sizes – 30-40MM and 40-50MM.


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