Himalayan Rock Salt USB Lamps


An interesting colour changing lamp – USB powered, this lamp is made from Himalayan rock salt.

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USB Himalayan Salt Lamp – Himalayan Rock Salt

Lovely USB Himalayan salt lamp carvings – available in various shapes. More photographs are coming soon of the various shapes. Apologies for the delay!

These lamps cycle through a range of colours – we have tried to picture some. As you can imagine however, it is difficult to take a photo of a pink lamp with a light emanating from it.

In some cases, we can get USB salt lamps with white LED bulbs. These are less common and a little more expensive than the colour changing versions.


They are USB powered, and can be run from any device outputting 5V at 0.5A or above. The lamps have a wooden base, into which the USB cable connects.



We sell a range of other Salt Lamps, Tea Light Holders, Candle Holders, etc – please see our Himalayan Salt Rock section.


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