Rock Salt

Simply put, this stone is a large piece of salt crystal, which grows large enough to be cut, polished, or formed into decorative objects. The correct name for it is “Halite”.



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Information about Himalayan Rock Salt / Halite

Halite is rock salt mined from mountainous areas. Typically the most well known pieces are known as “Himalayan Rock Salt”, due to crystal healers and new age beliefs – however, it can be found around the world.

The salt occurs in a reddish or pink colour, with some crystals having an off-white to transparent colour.
It is not a gemstone but a crystalline form of Sodium Chloride which forms in large crystals which can be carved into lamps, tea light holders, and more.

It should not be used for jewellery, etc – it is literally salt, and would degrade over time through exposure to sweat, rain, etc.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Himalayan Salt Rock / Halite

Himalayan salt is packed with remedial benefits, making it a fantastic alternative to table salt and an exciting new essential for your pantry.
Treat yourself to a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath and let its nutrients stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles with its 80+ nourishing mineral content. Its the ultimate healing and therapeutic experience for body, soul and mind.

Some people believe lamps and tea light holders made of Himalayan Salt emit a positive charge into the air and help to clean the air around electronic devices, but there is no scientific evidence of this. They are, at least, an interesting object and a beautiful decoration.