Fulgurite specimens – Lightning Glass


Fulgurite specimens, known as ‘Lightning Glass’.


Fulgurite specimens – Lightning Glass

Fulgurite specimens, sold in four different sizes from 25-100MM.

Fulgurites are known as lightning glass, as they are formed when lightning strikes sand. This usually occurs in a large desert, or on a large beach.

As lightning strikes the highest point around, and deserts tend to be very flat, lightning often hits the sandy floor. They are typically hollow, with a rough outer surface and a smooth, shiny inner surface. A lot of the smaller pieces are just rough lumps, though.

The 100MM pieces are rare, and I’m afraid we can’t always guarantee their availability.

As these pieces are quite fragile, we tend to overpack them. Unfortunately, this does mean charging more for postage – we don’t send these as large letters.


For more information about Fulgurites, and a full list of all of our related products, please see our main ‘Fulgurite’ page.


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