Diamond Specimens / Rough


Small rough Diamond specimens, soon to be available in a few sizes and colours.

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Diamond Specimens / Rough

Honestly, rough diamond specimens aren’t something I expected to sell on here. I originally bought a parcel to make a mohs testing kit, but after posting a photo to my Facebook page there was a lot of interest in buying some – so here we are.

These diamonds are not gem grade, in any sense of the word. They are bought from a reputable Hatton Garden diamond dealer who also sells lower grade stones. They are all from countries who obey the Kimberley process.

I haven’t graded them in any way – I am not a huge fan of diamonds and I don’t have the training or experience to grade them, these are just specimens.

I am hoping to add more sizes and colours soon!


Oh, come on – you know what Diamonds are! However, if you’d like a bit more info or to see a list of related products, have a look at our Diamond page.


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