Copal with Insects


Gorgeous pieces of Copal with insect inclusions – flies, mosquitoes, and spiders.

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Copal with Insects

Specimen pieces of fossil included Copal with insects in. Copal is a form of fossilised tree resin, similar to Amber; but much younger.

No specific age is given on these pieces, although they range from the Pleistocene to the Holocene. It is important to distinguish between Amber and Copal. Copal is essentially ‘young Amber’; it has not fully polymerised. It should be made very clear that Copal is not a true form of Amber and comes from a different age.

These pieces do contain a variety of insects, but I’m afraid we can’t help to identify them. The pieces come from all around the world!

The pictures you see here are the exact specimen you’ll receive.

  • #1: 57 grams – 99x41x30MM approx.
    Unknown provenance – I’m not sure where this piece is from. It has had a hole drilled in it at some point so it can be used as a very large pendant – possibly part of a windchime. 
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