Calligraphy stone palmstones (Miriam)

Calligraphy stone palmstones, otherwise known as Miriam and half a dozen other names…

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Calligraphy stone palmstones, also known as Miriam

This material has more than a few names - Calligraphy stone, Miriam/Miryam, arabic writing stone, script stone, snake Jasper, Elephant Skin Jasper... to be clear, this is not a form of jasper in any way.

It is technically known as a packstone, in which many compacted shell fragments appear to touch or support each other. We could perhaps call it shelly limestone - but Calligraphy stone will do for now.

It is a relatively soft material and is not really ideal for palmstones, which are often in pockets and may come into contact with keys, etc. Unfortunately damage in the form of scratches is likely to be quite common.

All of our current stock in this material is of the 'thumb stone' variety, where a smooth oval pebble contains a small indent for your thumb to sit in.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

35-45MM thumbstone, 1pc

1 review for Calligraphy stone palmstones (Miriam)

  1. Mike James

    I was seeking unusual minerals to show people the beauty in both the rough and the smooth. This offered me an opportunity to exhibit and talk about something unusual. A class of 5 years olds were fascinated by the patterns. Good quality, prompt delivery and well packaged.

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