Amethyst Palm Stones

Gorgeous Amethyst palmstones, measuring 50MM long, approximately.

These palmstones are sold singly.

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Amethyst Palm Stones

These are not an excellent grade of Amethyst if you like the clearer or pale stones, but they are a lovely dark banded Amethyst with chevrons of Quartz. There is often some iron staining to these pieces.

These are approximately 5CM long by 3-4CM wide, and around 4MM thick. While they are intended for use as palmstones, they are attractive enough to make a nice addition to any collection, whether or not you believe in crystal healing.

Like tumblestones, they look amazing when stored in a small glass bowl or vase. They would look great used as aquarium pebbles, or decorations for plant pots, etc.

1 review for Amethyst Palm Stones

  1. Elisa Nezi Ferraz (verified owner)

    This is the second time I buy from this site, and the first time I have bought a palmstone ever. The palmstone sent me was on the larger end, smooth, with a good variety of purple and violet hues, very attractive. I was torn between using it as a decorative element or healing stone. That is how pleased I was with this amethyst.

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