Amethyst Palm Stones

Gorgeous Amethyst palmstones, mostly as a chevron type with bands of Quartz.

These palmstones are sold singly.

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Amethyst Palm Stones

These are not an excellent grade of Amethyst if you like the clearer or pale stones, but they are a lovely dark banded Amethyst with chevrons of Quartz. There is often some iron staining to these pieces.

These are available in various sizes. While they are intended for use as palmstones, they are attractive enough to make a nice addition to any collection, whether or not you believe in crystal healing. We do also have a couple of the 'thumb stone' types, with an indentation on one side for your thumb to sit in.

Like tumblestones, they look amazing when stored in a small glass bowl or vase. They would look great used as aquarium pebbles, or decorations for plant pots, etc.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
Size and grade

Chevron – Grade B – 30-40MM wide approx, Chevron – Grade B – 40-50MM wide approx, Chevron – Grade C – 30-40MM wide approx, Chevron – Grade C – 40-50MM wide approx, Chevron – Grade C – 35-45MM thumbstone

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  1. Elisa Nezi Ferraz (verified owner)

    This is the second time I buy from this site, and the first time I have bought a palmstone ever. The palmstone sent me was on the larger end, smooth, with a good variety of purple and violet hues, very attractive. I was torn between using it as a decorative element or healing stone. That is how pleased I was with this amethyst.

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