“Every company that places packaged goods on the German market has to register in the public LUCID Packaging Register by no later than 1 July 2022, providing details about the type of packaging. Otherwise they must no longer distribute the goods in question.”
As anyone who has ordered from me in the past will know, I use a wide range of recycled packaging which cannot really be listed per parcel without a ridiculous amount of work. In addition to being more work, this also costs money.
As a result, I’ll just disable selling to Germany until this is either repealed or an exception is made for people who import less than, say, 100K EUR. I’ve no intention of playing with this bureaucratic nightmare; it would be less effort for me to exclusively use new packaging than to use the recycled stuff I currently use, which defeats the whole point.
If you’re on Etsy, there is no way to disable a country, but you can set the postage method for Germany to 9999EUR per parcel.