Woolly Mammoth Fossils

Woolly Mammoths were ancient furry creatures similar to a modern Elephant, which lived during the last Ice Age.

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Information about Woolly Mammoth Fossils


I’m sure most of you have some idea what a woolly Mammoth was.

The scientific name for the woolly Mammoth is “Mammuthus Primigenius”, from the genus “Mammuthus”.

There were other members of the genus, including “Mammuthus meridionalis”, “Mammuthus trogontherii”, “Mammuthus columbi”, “Mammuthus rumanus”, “Mammuthus africanavus”, and “Mammuthus subplanifrons”.

Each adapted differently, based on its surroundings and the time it lived.


However, you might be wondering what they have to do with this website…

Well – we don’t just sell gemstones, minerals, and fossils, but curiosities, too.

Of course, the best Mammoth pieces are the purview of museums and collections, but there are many small pieces that are available to the small time collector.

Bone and teeth fragments are relatively commonly found in some parts of the UK, and preserved hair can be recovered from the Siberian perma-frost, and parts of Alaska.

Speaking of the Siberian ice, the thawing of these ancient Mammoths may potentially pose an interesting solution to a more modern problem. Elephant ivory poaching is a huge issue which has been pushing the species towards extinction, with a huge demand in Asian countries for Ivory, particularly China.

As Mammoth Ivory is from an extinct species already, it may prove to be a more ethical source for an industry that has unfortunately proven they will go to any lengths for the material.

However, there is always the possibility of it going the other way – Mammoth Ivory being sold may encourage the ivory trade and lead to more poaching. Some have said the Mammoth ivory trade should be banned too, others suggest this would only lead to criminals conducting the trades.

We take ethical sourcing of materials very seriously, and as such, any and all pieces of Mammoth Ivory we sell are bought from a UK wholesaler, and were originally found in the UK. We do not import Mammoth ivory at all; only hair, which is found in Siberian or Alaskan permafrost and thawed.




Woolly mammoths were relatively widespread, for such as large animal. The remains have primarily been found in Europe and America, but there are some finds across Asia and the rest of North America.

Some of the most important finds have been in Alaska or Siberia, where frozen Mammoth carcasses have been discovered; a unique insight into the past.





Arabicماموث صوفيHausaRussianШерстистый мамонт
Bengaliম্যামথHungarianGyapjas mamutSpanishMamut lanudo
BurmeseItalianMammut lanosoSwahili
CzechJavaneseTamilகம்பளி யானை
DutchWolharige mammoetKorean털매머드Teluguమముత్
EsperantoMalayവൂളി മാമത്ത്Thaiช้างแมมมอธ
Farsiماموت پشمالوMarathiUkrainianМамут найвеличніший
FrenchMammouth laineuxPolishMamut włochatyUrdu
GermanWollhaarmammutPortugueseMamute-lanosoVietnameseVoi ma mút
Greekμαλλιαρό μαμούθPunjabi
GujuratiRomanianMamut lânos

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